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M&M INVESTMENT CARS (DA2633) is a  retail dealer that specializes in  Luxury Cars, Sports Cars, AWD Vehicles ,  Diesel Trucks, Lifted Trucks and any vehicle with a style.

Our GOAL is to make each customer  a "CUSTOMER FOR LIFE".

We are an online dealer and most of our sales are from  referrals and repeat customers.

We service customers from all over the US & Canada, so if you are a long distance customer, we can work out all the details up front , efficiently and without wasting your time.

From M&M Investment Cars , you get quality & value.  

For your convenience  we offer financing .
We also  accept trades .

If you're looking for used cars in Portland OR or used trucks in Portland OR, visit us today!
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 Main Phone:

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2774 N Hayden Island Dr
Portland, OR 97217

We are located Off I-5 ,
Jantzen Beach Exit # 308